Tet _ A circle tradition of Vietnamese culture

Client: Comma Media
Website: commamedia.vn
Date: February 7, 2018
Services: Key Visual, Printing

As swallows start their journey migrating to the South, apricot blossoms start turning yellow and peach blossoms turning red, they signal Tet, the biggest Vietnamese traditional holiday which starts the best season of the year, Spring. According to Vietnamese traditions, Tet is not only spiritual, but also the most important time of the year. Hence, as Vietnamese, we can never forget that Tet is the special occasion when we go home with our one and only family (we have) to feel the unconditional love regardless of whoever and wherever we are.

Tet to Vietnamese is reunion, gathering and love sharing.

“Tet _ A circle tradition of Vietnamese culture” is named for our Tet 2018 project. It’s more like an immutable commitment in Vietnamese culture, no matter how busy we are, we should stay and spend time with our family and friends during Tet. It’s a start of Vietnamese culture to welcome an incoming year. Especially, different little artworks around the circle are our shorts interesting stories about Tet culture which will help you have a better perspective of the celebration. Those capture a lot of images during Tet Holiday in Vietnam from a crowded city with busy bus/train stations where people are hurriedly going home before Lunar New Year’s Eve to markets that never sleep filling with Tet stuffs and colorful decorations with flowers on the streets. They also show farmers who are enthusiastically getting ready for a new year after the last harvest from last year, members of families who are making Banh Trung (a traditional ricecake for Tet) and people who are giving out the red envelops which present for luck, thus wishing each other the best year ahead, while children who are having fun with different activities. All of these simple things together create a special Tet of Vietnamese people.

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